Tours List

The tour’s planned duration is 4 hours. The tour starts at the main entrance to The Old City – Qoşa Qala (Double Towers)
Qabala or Gabala is the most ancient city of Azerbaijan.The top provincial holiday centre of Azerbaijan, Gabala is considered a popular tourist destination due to the combination of a very good spring climate, mountainous landscape, and diverse fauna. One of the scenic highlight of Gabala is Yeddi Gozel Waterfall.
Shaki is in northern Azerbaijan on the southern part of the Greater Caucasus mountain range, 325 km (202 mi) from Baku. The population is 63,000. Perhaps the best-known aspect of Shaki cooking is its rich sweet dishes. Shaki is traditionally held as the home of special type of baklava, called Shaki Halva. The city is home of annual Mugham Festival and Silk Road International Music Festival. Shaki was a market centre on the Silk Road, Many public places and private houses in Shaki are decorated with shebeke, a wooden lattice of pieces of coloured glass, held together without glue or a single nail. In 2010, Shaki was visited by 15,000 foreign tourists from all around the world
One of the most beautiful cities of the country Guba is especially pretty in the spring, when its gardens and parks are blooming. Guba is attractive with its green nature, forests and mountain areas, which is a part of range of Caucasus mountains. Guba is famous for its apples which have long become its symbol. Khinalig is one of the oldest small mountain village in the world. Its age is more than 5,000 years. This is the highest and most isolated settlement in the Great Caucasian mountains, located on the border with Dagestan, 63 km from Guba. Its residents numbering about 2,000, still retain unique cultural traditions, speak their own language and wear their own traditional clothes.